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Force Feed'em Bowfishing

Quick Draw Arrow Rest

Quick Draw Arrow Rest

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The Quick Draw bowfishing arrow rest accommodates beginners or seasoned shooters. The rubber gate is designed to allow quick easy arrow loading; capturing the arrow, making it ready for that simple or fast action shot without the worry of arrow fall-off. 

Quick Draw Features:

Rubber Gate- For quick loading & captures arrow eliminating arrow fall- off.

Stainless Steel Screws- Reduces rusting. 

CNC machined from 6061 Aircraft Aluminum- Strong, durable, light.

Fits Everyone- Designed for a right or left hand shooter.

Quick Slick Tape- Helps eliminate wear and delivers a smooth arrow launch.

Easy setup- Simple design allows for quick and easy tuning. 


1.  Remove arrow rest, bolt and Quick slick tape from package.

2. Cut 1/8 x 1” strip from quick slick tape and attach to launch pad. (Save remaining QS tape for later use.)

3. Loosen horizontal adjustment screw. Move body to a vertical position for a right or left hand shooter. (lightly tighten screw)

4. Mount rest using the 5/16 SS screw(included) Adjust to a desired height. Tighten arrow rest bracket screw. (Make sure arrow point does not hit reel when drawn.)

5. Loosen horizontal adjustment screw, adjust rest to desired position. (arrow point a little left of center for a right handed finger shooter is usually preferred.) Lightly tighten horizontal adjustment screw.

6. Rotate arrow rest body so the arrow is resting flat on the launch pad. Tighten horizontal adjustment screw (Do not over tighten)

Shoot Fish and have fun. 

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