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Force Feed'em Bowfishing

Loxley V2 Graves Bowfishing Glove Half Finger

Loxley V2 Graves Bowfishing Glove Half Finger

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The Graves bowfishing gloves v2 (sold as a set, left & right hand) are the first gloves designed specifically with bowfishing in mind.  These are version 2.0 of our flagship bowfishing glove, with an even better fit. They include an extremely lightweight design and a low profile feel for finger availability and dexterity when you need it most. These gloves will work for those who use a bowfishing release or for fingers shooters.

The Graves also feature a bowfishing specific touch point to protect your pinky when pulling arrows out of fish or pulling in line. This glove is much easier to use than a bowfishing line puller.

To top it off, it has a stylish gripped palm that gives an assist steadying the bow for the perfect shot, or hanging on when you really need it.  

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