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Force Feed'em Bowfishing

Loxley V2 Graves Bowfishing Glove Full

Loxley V2 Graves Bowfishing Glove Full

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The Graves Full Finger bowfishing gloves v2 (sold as a set, left & right hand) are designed specifically with bowfishing in mind. Version 2 of our full finger gloves offer better fit and dexterity. They include an extremely lightweight design and a low profile feel for finger availability and dexterity when you need it most. These gloves will work for those who use a bowfishing release or for fingers shooters.

Main Features of the  Graves Full Finger Bowfishing Glove

  • The best fitting glove you will ever wear
  • Reinforced contact points on pinky and first finger to prevent blisters and line burn
  • Remarkable grip helps you get a strong hold on your bow for more stable and accurate shots
  • Quick drying material keeps your hands from getting water logged
  • Reinforced finger tip shooting tabs for added protection
  • Finger tip material provides added sensitivity and are touchscreen compatible
  • Full finger gloves with enough dexterity to perform every bowfishing task

These are the only gloves on the market designed specifically for bowfishing. It's a rough sport and rough on your hands, don't cut your bowfishing trip short because of torn up hands.

These gloves have quite a bit of stretch, when in doubt order a size down for added dexterity. 

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