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Force Feed'em Bowfishing

Ballista Bat Crossbow Pistol (Crossbow Only)

Ballista Bat Crossbow Pistol (Crossbow Only)

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About this item

  • Fast (330 fps) - Speed of up to 330 fps allows you to use the crossbow not only for fun, but also for hunting
  • Powerful (130 lbs) - You can also shoot heavy bolts with a broadhead
  • Compact (16"x5") - Easy to carry, will even fit in a small backpack
  • Light weight (2.46 lbs) - It weighs as much as medium-sized binoculars, so hands do not get tired when shooting
  • Silent and Quick Loading - Thanks to a lot of know-how, loading the crossbow is quick (3 sec), easy and silent
  • Comes with 3 target arrows
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