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Force Feed'em Bowfishing

AMS Ring Sets Safety Slides 10 pc

AMS Ring Sets Safety Slides 10 pc

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Ring Sets

Just tie your bowfishing line to the ring. Nock the bowfishing arrow with the screw head facing up while keeping the ring in front of your arrow rest. When the shot is taken, the arrow moves through the ring, to the screw, taking the line with it. The line stays in front of the arrow rest at all times. This ensures that your line cannot come in contact or tangle with the bowstring, which can be the cause of arrow snapback!

These hand-welded, stainless steel rings are incredibly strong. Kit includes 10 rings and 10 fillister screws for 5/16” standard fiberglass bowfishing arrows.

  • Line attachment device that slides up and down the arrow shaft
  • Keeps line away from bowstring and arrow rest on the shot
  • Made in USA
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