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Force Feed'em Bowfishing

AMS Clamp & Quiver Mount

AMS Clamp & Quiver Mount

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The AMS Clamp & Quiver mounting assembly comes standard on the AMS Retriever® Pro series reels. Mount a second one on a different bow and you can swap the Retriever Pro quickly and easily between bows.

Made specifically for our Retriever Pro Series, this mounting kit makes adjusting your Retriever Pro a snap. Simply turn the thumb screw to loosen the assembly and the Retriever can be pushed up, down, forward, or backward; a great feature when you want to share your bow with family or friends. Loosen the thumb screw completely, and you can instantly detach your reel from your bow to put it in your bow case. The built-in quiver that makes transporting your arrow a snap! Not adaptable to AMS Original Retrievers. Made in America!

This unit will not work with the Original Retriever, instead try the Dovetail Mount!

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